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Screens & Springs




Screen Manufacturing

Woven wire mesh screens

We suppliy woven wire mesh screens manufactured according to client specifications and dimensions.  Application ranges from mining, quarrying, mineral processing, recycling, scrap sectors right through to the food and agriculture industries.

Mobile Screen brands supported:

Replacement screens for the following machines can be ordered by indicating top, middle or bottom decks specifying aperture and wire diameter (Please make use of our quote request system)

  • Powerscreen – Chieftan 1400, Chieftan 1700, Chieftan 1800, Chieftan 2100,
  • Powerscreen – Warrior 1400, Warrior 1800, Warrior 2100
  • Komatsu
  • Terrex – Finley 393, Finley 595, Finley 683

Screens made to clients requirements

Manufacturing capabilities and specifications:

• Wire Diameter: Wire diameter ranging from 1.6mm to 12.5mm.
• Aperture sizes: Apertures ranging from 2mm to 200mm.
• Sheets or rolls: Screens can be supplied as single sheets or alternatively as rolls
(ranging from 15m to 30m with a width limitation of 2m and length limited by the aperture)
• Material: Hi-Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel, 304 Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel.
• Hook type: Screens are manufactured with a range of over hooks;
C shape, weld-on, S bends or flat.

Manufacturing time is 3 to 5 working days on standard orders

Different over hook finishes are based on the following:

• Wire diameter: Wire thinner than 4mm will be fitted with metal edges
• C-shape hooks can be either be metal edges or weld-on
• 45 Degree hook (Thin diameter wire will be finished off with metal edges)
• Choice between over hooks in same direction or up/down configuration

Slotted Screens

Three variations can be supplied.

1. Single Shute: Woven wire screening constructed with one wire bridging the smallest Aperture
2. Double Shute: Woven wire screening constructed with two wires bridging the smallest Aperture
3. Triple Shute: Woven wire screening constructed with three wires bridging the smallest Aperture

For special made screens we need the following info to quote:

1. Screen width X Length X Aperture X Wire Diameter
2. Type of hook
3. Length of hook
4. Material Specification
5. Distance between the hooks
6. Slot direction

Trommel Screens

We need the following dimensions to quote on trommel screens:
1. Length
2. Diameter
3. Circumference
4. Aperture
5. Wire diameter
6. Material type

When you measure the length of the trammel screen add 150mm to length for overlap


Our screen manufacturing partner prides themselves on their commitment to quality and service.  Raw material specifications and suppliers are certified and traceable ensuring consistent reliable screening media.


Spring Manufacturing

Our specialised spring manufacturing partner provides a wide range of products as explained below.

Compression, Tension, Torsion, Clock-type and Volute Springs

Speciality spring steel wire ensure high standards complying with our customer’s performance requirements. Springs are manufactured with diameters ranging from 1mm up to 65mm. Both hot and cold – formed springs can be supplied from the highest quality stainless – and spring steel materials, ensuring high strength and high resistance against corrosion and fatigue as well as heat resistance.


Coiling consists of a vast range of shapes and sizes including Compression, Tension, Torsion, Clock-type and Volute Springs. The extended life of our springs results from the direct quenching process used. Complete removal of scale, extremely accurate time/tampering controls ensures the uniform physical properties of the finished springs.  Springs are bombarded with high velocity steel shot, inducing a compressive surface stress, reducing the tensile stress from the applied spring load

Compression Springs

Compression Spring

Tension Springs

Tension Spring

Torsion Springs

Torsion Spring

FINISHES – All springs are shot, peened, painted and baked, we can also finish with special coatings eg. Nylon Coating or Powder Coating

In conjunction with our spring manufacturer we have access to extensive knowledge and experience in the different steel grades, efficient manufacturing and quality control which is crucial to the properties of the finished product.  Continual investment in research concerning improved properties of our products and improved manufacturing processes, enabling WEARPARTS.CO to supply the local and export market. QUALITY – Our spring manufacturer has a quality management system to the International Standard ISO 9002.